Slatwall for Garage Wall Organization Systems

Many homeowners who struggle with garage organization oftentimes are not optimizing the space on the walls. Slatwall was designed to solve this unmet need in garage wall organization. Slatwall is a modular wall paneling system made up of a series of stacked horizontal panels with groves that are designed to hold a number of storage and organization accessories, such as hooks, baskets, and other wall organizers. In this article, we explore our favorite slatwall panel systems and slatwall accessories and define the characteristics of this amazing wall organization system.

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Slatwall Panels

There are many different brands of slatwall. Some are sold with just panels and others come with a kit of slatwall panels and a few accessories. It’s important to note that not all slatwall systems are interchangeable, which is mostly true for the bigger brands like Proslat and Gladiator. This means you may need to stick to one particular brand’s panels and accessories. Other slatwall systems can be interchangeable, so be sure to do your research before committing.

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Slatwall Accessories

The great thing about slatwall is that there are a ton of accessories to build your wall organization system with. Some accessories include hooks, hangers, bags, brackets, shelving, tool holders and many other organizers. As mentioned above, be sure to check compatibility, as not all slatwall systems have interchangeable accessories. Although there are some exceptions, you may want to pick a brand of slatwall and stick with their full system of slatwall accessories.

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What You Should Know About Slatwall

Slatwall is one of the best wall organization systems ever engineered. It’s referred to as a “wall system” because everything is meant to work together. Slatwall panels are mounted onto the wall, and then you are able to customize your system by hanging individual storage items from the grooves in between each panel. These systems are versatile enough to accommodate all storage needs such as broom holders, bike hooks, and multipurpose garage storage hooks

When it comes to slatwall garage wall organization, not all systems are designed to work together. Many of the big brands, such as Proslat and Gladiator, have proprietary organizer systems meaning that only those particular brand panels and accessories will fit together. Some slatwall is interchangeable and offer universal accessories that can be mixed and matched with different brands. Be sure to research to ensure you can scale and build the wall system you want.

Slatwall Sizes

Slatwall comes in many different sizes, although the most common widths are 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch panels. Slatwall is designed to stack together both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to cover an entire garage wall if you so desired.

Slatwall Colors

Slatwall comes in many different color options, although the most common are silver, white and black. Choice of color certainly comes down to personal preference, but consider how this will look and match the rest of your garage design. I would suggest sticking with white or silver slatwall.

Slatwall Material

The majority of slatwall available on the market is crafted with PVC. Slatwall is engineered to be very strong and able to withstand holding a lot of weight, so durability is an important characteristic. Heavy-duty slatwall is a strong, premium panel.

Slatwall vs Pegboard

The two most common garage wall organization systems are slatwall and pegboard.

Slatwall is designed with horizontal panels that are stacked to create grooves to hang accessories from. This is a modular system whereby the grooves are naturally very strong, allowing it to withstand a heavy load capacity. Slatwall is also very esthetic.

Pegboard is also a modular wall system, but instead of horizontal grooves, there are peg holes on the entire panel, allowing you more flexibility in the location of hooks and other organizers. Pegboard typically can’t hold as much weight as slatwall, so consider what you’ll be hanging when deciding between the two.

Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall has several options when it comes to accessories. One great thing about this wall organizer system is that the modular design allows you to be able to place any organizer accessory anywhere you want. These are some of the most common slatwall accessories:

In Summary

Slatwall is widely considered one of the best wall organizer systems for garages. The panel system is very versatile, allowing for endless customizations. You could line every inch of your garage wall with slatwall and customize it in hundreds of different ways. There are many slatwall design ideas that can provide inspiration for how you want to build your own. Customization opportunities with slatwall are countless and endless.