20 Causes and Fixes of Cracking Garage Floors

concrete wall floor crack

Concrete is the primary material used in making garage floors. Generally, concrete floors are resistant to wear and tear, scraping, scouring, and pounding. But, as tough as concrete floors may be, it is not unusual for them to develop some cracks or chips. It will help if you know the reasons these cracks happen and … Read more

Do Garage Floors Need to Be Sealed or Painted?

Brand New Garage with Sheetrock Walls

Your garage floor might be made of concrete, which is relatively safe and very easy to maintain; however, it is porous and unsealed, and this causes it to crack and get stained easily. You’ve probably heard that you need to take care of your garage floor by sealing it or painting it; however, you are … Read more

This is Why Garage Floors are Lower than the House

new house under construction

If you are out shopping for a house, you may wonder why some houses have the garage floor on a lower level than the house floor. More houses are straying away from this once required building code, but there are still many on the market that may leave you scratching your head. Garage floors are … Read more

Is It Worth Painting or Epoxy Coating Your Garage Floor?

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Concrete garage floors take a lot of abuse from oil stains, grease, salt residue, and just plain-old dust and dirt. Applying a garage floor paint or epoxy coating is a great way to avoid that mess and instead provide a beautiful, clean-looking, and durable floor. In this article, we’ll explore if it’s worth doing, what … Read more