Broom Holders & Broom Organizers

No house is complete without a broom holder. These simple, yet necessary wall storage organizers allow us to organize and hang brooms, mops, cleaning utilities, and other household objects better than anything else. What’s more, broom holders go unnoticed on the wall and they come in dozens of refined designs. Broom organizers will solve the problem of having your brooms, dustpans, and dusters missing all around the house. We put together a list of our favorite broom holders to help you on your path to organization.

Broom Holders

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Why You Need a Broom Holder?

Broom holders have multiple uses aside from just keeping your brooms organized. They can also hold sports equipment, household objects, and more. Never again lose time searching for your mop or broom. These holders are made of high-quality materials to hold heavy items and to withstand very high temperatures.

Additionally, when you have many cleaning utilities, your house looks messy. With a broom holder, you can save space in your laundry room or any room and organize a lot of items. One of the best places to install a broom holder is on a garage wall, out of sight, yet just in reach. Long gone are the days of brooms and mops falling all over the place as you open the kitchen closet.

How to Choose a Broom Holder

Not all broom holders are the same; some have extra features to make your life even easier. However, you don’t want to spend too much or chose the wrong one, so here are some tips to find the broom holder that best suits your space.

  • Easy to install – A broom holder is there to make your life easier. Go with the one you can install quickly by yourself.
  • Ball slots and hooks – Some broom holders offer both ball slots and hooks to organize your utilities. Make sure you choose one with enough hanger slots to store your things. It’s nearly impossible to buy one that’s too big, as you’ll always find more household tools to hang from them — you won’t be sorry.
  • Weight capacity – The broom holder you pick should hold a weight of at least 20lb. Most broom organizers on the market will work just fine, but there are some cheap models out there, so plan ahead.
  • Versatility – The best broom holders can be hanged in laundry rooms and gardens as well, however, our recommendation is to mount on a garage wall.

Be sure to consider these features so that you can find a broom holder that lasts for decades for you to enjoy a tidy house.

How Do You Hang Brooms in a Garage?

In case no closet is available, you can store brooms in unused spaces such as the garage.

The most efficient place to install a broom holder is in the garage. Garage walls surely have enough room to hang brooms and other utilities, and more importantly, they are out of sight. The last thing you want is dirty brooms and mops hanging on your kitchen wall as you have company over.

Where Do You Keep a Mop and Broom?

As a first rule, mops and brooms should always be kept away from the sight of anyone visiting the house. Laundry rooms, garages, and basements are common places where people mount broom holders to keep the house from looking messy.

Different Types of Broom Holders

You can choose from a variety of broom holders to make your house look tidy. The most popular types of broom holders come with hooks, ball slots, and utility hangers. Most general-purpose garage wall organizers are versatile enough to hang brooms and other household utilities.

Individual garage hooks are good options, however, general-purpose garage wall organizer systems have several hooks to accommodate hanging brooms, mops, and other household utility items. The organizers that are especially good for holding brooms have special hangers designed to easily grab and hang without any hassle.

Combo Broom & Mop Holders

Multipurpose broom and mop holders have several slots with gravity-controlled rolling balls where you can insert your mop’s handle. No matter the thickness of the handle, these rolling balls adjust themselves to the handle and grips it in a perfectly secure way.