Best Garage Wall Shelving

Garage wall shelving has several advantages over the alternative free-standing shelves. The flexibility of being able to mount on a wall can be a major space saver. Although these units are generally smaller, freeing up space on your garage floor is a tremendous benefit. We put together a collection of our favorite garage wall shelving units that we know you’ll love.

Garage Wall Shelving

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Heavy-Duty Garage Wall Shelving

Heavy-duty garage wall shelving, which is typically built from heavy gauge steel, can withstand very heavy loads as much as 500 lbs. If you plan ahead and know what you’ll be using the shelves for, you’ll be prepared to know if heavy-duty shelving is worth investing in. They generally are more expensive than stand garage wall shelving, but it can be worth the peace of mind knowing that your storage is safe and sound.

Adjustable Garage Wall Shelving

Adjustable garage wall shelving is particularly useful for storing items of different heights to maximize your storage space. Many of these garage shelving units can be adjusted even after they’ve been mounted to the wall, making it easy and convenient. This feature allows the most flexibility and customization of your shelving system.

Metal Garage Wall Shelving

Metal garage wall shelving is much stronger and durable than plastic shelving units. They can be slightly more expensive than plastic as well. Many come with a coating that prevents rust, making them a great choice for your garage wall organization system.

Steel Garage Wall Shelving

If you want the most durable garage wall shelving, make sure to go with a steel frame. Heavy-duty shelving is typically built with steel and can withstand the heaviest loads due to the sheer strength of the material. Steel is the premium material so it comes at the highest cost, but for good reason.

Plastic Garage Wall Shelving

Plastic garage wall shelving is a budget-friendly option for simple wall storage. If you don’t plan on storing heavy items, plastic shelves can be just fine. They are the least expensive and easy to transport.