Best Garage Wall Cabinets

A garage wall cabinet keeps your space organized. Instead of cluttering your tools all over after a long day of work, use garage wall cabinets to store your tools neatly. With that, you can easily access them whenever you need them.  It will help you avoid paint cans that stain the floor!

Garage Wall-mounted Cabinets

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Gladiator Ready-to-Assemble Full-Door Wall GearBox
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Craftsman Garage Storage, 28-Inch Wide Wall Cabinet
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Why You Need Garage Wall Cabinets

Storage cabinets, whether wall-mounted or freestanding, are essential in every garage. Sets that mount to a wall are particularly useful for storing items up and out of the way. They help you to be more organized and store your items safely. This is valuable to your home. Here are few reasons why a garage wall cabinet is a must-have:

  • It keeps clutter at bay – A disorganized garage is not healthy. It can even lead to accidents that can be dangerous. Therefore, a garage wall cabinet provides a safe home for your garage items. It helps eliminate clutter.
  • Upgrade your garage’s appearance – Garage wall cabinets are not purely meant to offer storage but also upgrade how your workshop looks.
  • Make your garage safer – As mentioned earlier, an unkempt garage can be unsafe. With garage items all over the garage space can lead to hazards. Therefore, garage wall cabinets keep your garage safer.
  • Adds value to your garage – Garage wall cabinets are an investment that adds aesthetic upgrades to the garage interior. A well-maintained garage is a one-stop-shop for most buyers, especially with enough space for parking. Therefore, it is advisable to make great use of every inch of your garage space for colossal selling points.

Features to Look For

  • Size – The size of a cabinet is a feature you should have in mind. This will depend on how spacious your garage is to know what size of wall cabinets to install. You can maximize spaces in small garages by installing hanging garage wall cabinets.
  • Material – There are different types of material used to make garage wall cabinets. This includes wood, aluminum, plastic, and metal.
  • Additional Features – Some garage wall cabinets are built with more unique features for efficiency, security, and aesthetic purposes-for instance, door locks, interior lighting built-in, and so on.
  • Weight Capacity – Some garage wall cabinets like aluminum or stainless steel can hold heavy garage items, unlike wooden garage cabinets. Therefore, look for garage wall cabinets that align with the weight of items in your garage.

How to Buy the Right Cabinet

  • Budget – The pricing is different for every garage wall cabinet. Therefore, you will need to work within your budget. This will even determine the quality and type of garage wall cabinets that you should purchase.
  • Use of your garage cabinet – You should first understand how you will use your garage wall cabinets within that garage space. This will help you purchase the right type of cabinets.

Types of Garage Tools to Store

This is vital since some items can be heavy while others light. Weight capacity differs while using wall cabinets. Therefore, what you will store will help you decide on the garage wall cabinet to settle on.

The Importance of Construction Tools

The types of materials, their durability, and importance will be the most significant factors that determine the kind of garage wall cabinet to purchase.