Best Garage Pegboards & Pegboard Accessories

Pegboards are one of the most common and traditional ways to organize items in your garage. They are very versatile allowing for many different ways to customize with hundreds of accessories. In this article, we’ll share some valuable insights as you’re considering a pegboard system for your garage.

Garage Pegboards

A garage pegboard is a square or rectangular segment of a material such as wood, metal, or plastic with holes that are spaced out evenly far enough for hooks and additional storage devices to be installed. Pegboards allow you to easily and painlessly store and display an abundance of different tools of any and all sizes. They are very versatile and can be used in any room or area that you deem to be fit, especially in garages. There are a variety of different styles and colors meaning you can easily find an option that meets your specific needs.

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Pegboard Accessories: Hooks, Bins, Baskets, Shelves & More

When it comes to pegboard accessories, there are actually an abundance of different options to select from. A few of the more popular options include pegboard hooks, bike hooks baskets, bins, and brackets.

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Types of Pegboard Accessories

There are dozens of different types of pegboard accessories, allowing endless custtomization. A few include:

As the name implies, pegboard bike hooks are excellent for hanging your bike and freeing up a sizeable amount of space within your garage. You may be fearful that the hook can not support that much weight, but we assure you that it can. They were designed with bikes in mind.

Hooks enable you to hang up a variety of items regardless of their size or shape. Baskets and bins are actually quite similar in the sense that they will hold your belongings securely and heighten your ability to organize. Brackets are used to make sure that your panels are secure as possible and can hold the weight of several different things at once. It is important to note that these are just a few examples of the accessories that one can buy and that there are many more available that might suit your needs better.

Benefits of a Garage Pegboard System

There are many benefits that come with a pegboard panel system. The biggest being that they can be customized to your exact set of needs. You won’t have to rely on a standard option and have to make it work for your needs. Luckily, you have the ability to fully customize your pegboard panels and ensure that they are exactly what you are in need of. You’ll be able to painlessly transform your living space and have all of your belongings organized in an orderly fashion. You’ll no longer have to wonder where your belongings are as they will all be in one easy to spot location that is easily accessible.

Installing Garage Pegboards

The setup process of pegboard panels is rather straight to the point and can be accomplished relatively easy. Simply follow the instructions provided and the installation will take a matter of minutes.

How Much Space Do You Need Behind a Pegboard?

There are some things you will need to keep in mind when getting the system set up though. For example, you need to be aware of the fact that the panels will need roughly 1’2″ inch of space behind them so that the hooks can safely be installed without causing any damage to the wall behind the panel and ensure that there is adequate space for the accessories. Fire codes have made the use of drywall rather common in recent years and, as such, furring strips will need to be used.

Pegboard Kits

One could easily go out and purchase a pegboard as they saw fit, but the process has gotten even easier with pegboard kits gaining popularity rather quickly within the past few years. These kits are great for those who would like to install panels, but aren’t sure as to what is actually needed to successfully complete the project. The kits come with all the necessary components ensuring that you won’t have to gather and purchase all of the supplies separately. On top of that, it is also a rather economic option. These kits will not cost you a small fortune and can be bought at almost any home improvement store. Using pegboard organization has never been easier.