Best Pegboard Shelves

Organizing a pegboard is never easy, and you need enough space to store all the items you want to keep on the shelves. A wall of tools or accessories will look great if properly displayed and secured within your reach in the garage or workspace. You will need well-designed pegboard shelves for such convenience, and there are different styles available that will satisfy your needs.

To develop a perfectly organized garage project, you have to use the right material you have at your disposal. And the cornerstone of a well-planned garage is the pegboard, more so if you add distinctive shelves. A well-designed pegboard should easily accept hooks or pegs to hang items or tools on.

The pegboard shelves should be held up by clamps and easily hold items that you don’t want to hang on hooks. You can effortlessly store your glasses, key chains, clock, motor oil, or cleaners on your shelves while working in your workshop or garage.

Pegboard Shelves

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Benefits of Pegboard Shelves

Pegboards offer the vertical storage that many homeowners desire. You will get the most out of pegboards and never run out of storage space if you add shelves. Here are notable benefits of pegboard shelves:

1. Enhance Your Space

If you have a small garage, you can benefit by adding a pegboard shelf unit. Your shelves will help reorganize the items in your garage to house the majority of things you need. You will free up some room for movement around the garage.

2. Organize Your Clutter

If your garage is cluttered, it will not look nice and might expose you or a loved one to the danger of tumbling. Using pegboard shelves will help bring order to your garage. You will have enough space to hold a variety of items.

3. Display Your Personality

Shelves will present you with an opportunity to display your personality, front and center. You will display items that speak more about your knowledge about the garage and your interests.

4. Safer Storage for Delicate Items

There are many delicate items used in a garage occasionally, and you need to store them in secure spaces. Shelves will hold some of the items you treasure safely.

Types of Pegboard Shelves

Pegboard shelves are an excellent way to stay organized in your garage or to display your items. Many homeowners will go for metal, Masonite, or acrylic pegboards. Significantly, the shelves will vary, and you should be the best type of pegboard shelf. Common types include:

  • Wire – These are lightweight, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Solid – These shelves are durable, provide support for the heaviest tools, and provide the best slots for supporting hooks and other accessories.
  • Bins – Pegboard bins vary in size, and you should pick a design that will satisfy your storage needs and fit into your pegboard panels.

Pegboard Accessory Kits

When looking for the best pegboard accessories, ensure your kit is high-quality, contains the right accessories, and will fit into your budget. Go for a kit that will include more than the standard accessories like bins, baskets, and hooks. Your kit should hold other tools like sledgehammers, shovels, or screwdrivers.

How Do You Attach Shelves to a Pegboard?

It should not be daunting to attach shelves to your pegboard. Start by holding the shelf up to the pegboard and ensure the holes you drill align correctly. Go on and drill the holes in the back to accept straight pegboard hooks.

Ensure the screws are correctly held to prevent tear-through when you mount heavy items. Tighten the screws, but don’t overdrive and break your pegboard.

How Much Weight Can a Pegboard Shelf Hold?

If a pegboard is mounted correctly, it can hold 100 lbs, without any unexpected damages. You have to make sure your pegboard is sturdy enough to hold heavy garage tools.