Best Garage Hooks & Storage Hooks

Many homeowners tend to use their garage as a catch all for storage, and all of those items seemingly end up on the floor — yet there’s a simple solution. Garage hooks make it easy to make the best use of all the space inside your garage. They remove clutter while keeping your cleaning and gardening tools organized. Garage hooks are made for different purposes and have different capacities but all of them help to eliminate chaos in your space. We listed our favorite garage hooks and would like to discuss what you need to keep in mind as you are shopping.

Garage Hooks

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Types of Garage Hooks

There are many different types of garage hooks. It’s versitiity allows you to store most household items from them. But it’s also important to know that there are single-unit, fixed-mount hooks (which are attached to the wall individually) and there are garage hooks that are apart of a large wall organizer system.

1. Broom Holder Garage Hooks

Broom holders are a good solution for everything from your sweepers to your dustpans. They help you to save room and keep your storage area looking neat. Garage hooks can keep your brooms out of the way, so you won’t accidentally trip on them.

2. Mop Holder Garage Hooks

Mop holders keep your mops in one place, making it easy for you to find them. They can be used in your home or business place and really help to free up space in a small apartment. Use garage storage hooks to keep your mops off the floor, allowing them to dry quickly and reducing the possibility of mildew or mold.

3. Garden Tool Garage Hooks

Garden tool garage hooks are used to organize all of your yard tools, including your shovels and rakes. They can be mounted on any wall in your storage space and several also prevent the handles of your garden tools from sliding. Some storage hooks weatherproof, so they can even be placed on your garage’s outer wall.

4. Ladder Garage Hooks

Ladder garage hooks keep ladders of all sizes off the floor and are strong enough to carry the weight of ladders of various lengths. Many can accommodate weights of up to 55 pounds. These flexible storage hooks can even hold certain types of chairs. Learn more about how to properly store a ladder in a garage here.

5. Garage Hooks for Pegboards

Pegboards keep your home office and workspace organized and come with as many as 70 spaces for hanging bins, tool holders, or storage hooks. Many pegboards available in white but can be painted to match your decor. If you’re planning on installing pegboards on your garage walls, be sure to look for garage hooks that will fit pegboard style holes.

6. Garage Hooks for Slatwall panels

Slatwall panels, similar to pegboards, are another great way to leverage the power of a garage wall organization system to further customize your needs. Made from cellular foam PVC, you can hang certain types of garage hooks from them to hold your skis, bikes, oars, tennis rackets, and other objects that would not easily be displayed using hooks. Slatwall is strong and can withstand a heavy load, so large garage hooks work well with this system.

7. Garage Hooks for Track Systems

Track systems are modular, horizontal rails that are mounted to a garage wall. Like Slatwall, track systems are very strong, some being capable of holding over 1,500 lbs. of weight. They provide the ability to hang various lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, and more on the wall, freeing up valuable garage floor space. They have a specific bin, shelf, or storage hook for anything that you wish to store on them. There are garage hooks made specifically for these systems, so double-check compatibility to make sure you get the right type.

Why Do You Need Garage Hooks?

You need garage hooks so that you can quickly find your tools. They also keep your surroundings safe and free of clutter.

What Garage Hooks are Right for You?

The garage hooks that are right for you will depend on the weight and shape of the tools that you have. If you have brooms, mops, and a few heavy shovels, a couple of broom holders with four hooks and three clasps may meet your needs. If you plan on hanging heavier items like bikes and ladders, you’ll need larger and stronger garage hooks. Take extra consideration to ensure compatibility if you plan to install storage hooks on pegboard, slatwall, or track systems.

How Do You Hang Tools In A Garage?

You can hang tools in a garage by using individual storage hooks, or ones that fit other specific garage wall organizer systems. Garage hooks for lightweight tools can occasionally be applied by using a strong adhesive, however, this is never advised. In many cases, you’ll need to drill a hole. Always leave enough space for your tools to hang without touching the garage floor.