Best Garage Track Systems

The best way to organize your garage and store your stuff in an orderly manner is to keep it off the ground. If you want the best way to do this, you have to install a garage track system.

However, to get the right garage track system, you have to consider a few factors. The garage system should not be limiting. Instead, it should come with some accessories and also provide you with some room for adding more accessories that you may need later on.

We put together a few of our favorite garage track systems that we know you’ll love.

Garage Track Systems

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What Is a Garage Track System?

Track systems are modular, horizontal rails that are mounted to a garage wall. Like Slatwall, track systems are very strong, some being capable of holding over 1,500 lbs. of weight. They provide the ability to hang various lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, and more on the wall, freeing up valuable garage floor space. They have a specific bin, shelf, or storage hook for anything that you wish to store on them. 

Benefits of a Garage Track System

Installing a garage track system comes with several benefits such as:

  • A well-organized garage! Organizing your garage space helps you keep track of your belongings so that you don’t spend hours searching for tools whenever you need them most. Installing a track system is the best option than various other storage systems since it helps keep your tools organized and, at the same time, in full view for easier access whenever you need them. As a bonus, your garage gets to look great.
  • More space! If you have a cluttered garage, you can honestly admit that the garage feels a little bit claustrophobic anytime you walk in. It may even feel like you have no space to store most any more stuff. If you want to organize your garage and have more space, then a track system is your best bet since it keeps your tools and other stuff upright, which gives you more room to store more stuff.
  • It makes your garage safer. A well-organized garage track system helps make your garage safer for you and your family. There is nothing more hazardous than leaving your tools lying about, especially if you have young children in the house. Safely storing these tools away will give you more peace of mind.
  • It helps protect expensive things. Do you park your car or bike in the garage? Do you have any power tools that have broken down due to low storage? If you have any expensive things in a cluttered garage, then you’ve experienced some loss regarding this, or you’re about to. To avoid this and keep your property safe, you should install a track system.

How to Buy the Right Track System

  • Accessories – The right track system should be functional. It should have space for everything and at the same time, everything in its proper place. It should have different hooks for different items, a claw to hold your bicycle, and just about any other hooks you may need.
  • Options – Your garage track system should have other options, not just hooks. More options for your garage will mean that you’ll have more ways to use it. This will help make your garage space even less clattered.
  • Design – Go for a garage track system that looks great in your space. However, note that what looks good should be a personal decision between you and the people you live with.

Different Types of Garage Track System Accessories

  • Big hook and the gladiator twin hook – These two hooks are some of the most versatile, which means that you will be using many of them.
  • L-hooks and J-hooks – L-hooks are great for small tools such as shears and gardening shovels.
  • Tool hook – This type of hook is used to hold two tools simultaneously-two rakes or shovels, for instance.

Track System vs. Slatwall

Many people prefer Slatwall to track systems to avoid the expense of framing and drywalling their garage walls since the Slatwall will hide anything that’s underneath. However, this depends on the type of wall you have.

The downside of installing Slatwall is that they are more expensive and less flexible. Track systems are easier to fix if they get damaged. However, if the Slatwall gets damaged, you’ll have to replace the entire section, which is more costly.

Gladiator GearTrack vs. Rubbermaid FastTrack

These two types of storage systems have several similarities. They are both based on a single rail track that allows their metal hooks to be snapped into place. However, the Gladiator GearTrack has a more industrial look, while the Rubbermaid FastTrack is more decorative.

The FastTrack also has its base made of steel rail, which makes it sturdier than the GearTrack, which allows you to store heavier loads. The FastTrack is also more refined with an upscale-looking system. It doesn’t look out of place inside your garage.

Sizes, Colors and Material

Here we compare size, color and material on the Gladiator GearTrack and the Rubbermaid FastTrack.

Gladiator GearTrackRubbermaid FastTrack
Size1, 42″ channel1, 32″ rail

Installing Garage Track Systems for Drywall and Concrete

  • It would help if you started by planning it out. Ensure that you take careful measurements before making any cuts.
  • Next, you should locate where all the studs lie on your wall. You should also ensure that you find any electrical wiring behind your drywall to avoid any accidents. For concrete walls: you should use tampon concrete screws every 12 inches to ensure that the track system is sturdy.
  • You should then screw in your gear track panel, ensuring that you position it in such a way that you screw in as many stud walls as possible.
  • Make sure that the panel is level.
  • You should then finish it off, add the endcaps, and start adding the accessory hooks.

In Summary

Fixing your garage and ensuring that everything is organized isn’t a challenging task, and it’s also quite affordable. Do this if you want to get more space and transform your garage into a great space.