Best Tool Chest Combo

When it comes to organizing and storing tools in your garage or workshop, the tool chest combo is perhaps the pinnacle piece to any tool storage system. A tool chest combo is simply the combination of a bottom tool cabinet and a top tool chest. These combo units are often sold together, but you can also purchase them separately. All tools need a central storage hub and that’s where the tool chest combo shines in the garage. I put together some of my favorite tool chest combos and discuss what buying factors to be aware of when selecting one for your garage or shop. 

Tool Chest Combo

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What Is a Tool Chest Combo?

Simply put, a tool chest combo is a bottom tool cabinet with a top tool chest sold as one package and designed to fit together to make one tool storage unit. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most tool storage brands offer cabinets and chests that work together and are fundamentally one of the most efficient ways to store your tools in a very organized manner. 

Tool Chest Combo Features

There are many features to be aware of when shopping for a new tool chest combo, such as:

  • Adjustable Shelves – Although not very common, some cabinet drawers have adjustable shelves which provide more flexibility in the amount of room available. You typically see this in the larger bottom drawers.
  • Ball-bearing Slides – Most tool cabinets have ball bearing slides on the drawers which provide very smooth and durable sliding action as you open and close the drawers.
  • Deep Chests & Drawers – Some larger cabinets have deep storage chest drawers located at the bottom. Look for this if you have the need to store large tools in your cabinet.
  • Drawer Liners – Drawer liners are great for protecting your tools. Made from a grippy material, they help keep your tools from slipping and sliding around. Drawer liners are sometimes included with a tool chest combo, and other times they are sold separately.
  • Keyed Locked Drawers – Many tool chest combos have lockable cabinet drawers, which can be nice to keep valuable tools or other items stored away, especially if you’re in a shared workspace.
  • Pegboards – Some top tool chests come stock with a small pegboard, often made from metal. This can be very handy to hang smaller tools like screwdrivers and handheld power tools.
  • Power Strip, LED Lights & USB Plugs – Technology has made its way to many tool chest combos. Pick up a unit that has power strips for easy access to charge batteries. LED lights and USB plugs are great features for improved task lighting and superb power outlets.

Size & Holding Capacity

Tool chest combos come in varying sizes. The amount of storage space you’ll need is based on your personal situation. Choosing the right size cabinet and chest combo is a very important buying factor.

Often categorized in small, medium, and large, a tool chest combo’s holding capacity will range anywhere from 2,000 – 85,000 cubic square inches. 

The actual dimensions of your unit will also vary. Common sizes range from 25-85 inches in width and 60-70 inches in height.

Also, consider how many drawers you’ll need. You can find units that range anywhere from 12-26 or even more individual drawers. Some come with 1 or 2 shelves or no shelves.


Tool chest combos can be pretty costly, but you can also find some that are more affordable. Costs can range anywhere from $400 for an entry-level unit to upwards of $5,000 for the top of the line storage units.