Best Mobile Workbenches

Have you ever wished you could be anywhere in your garage and have access to a workbench and all your tools at your fingertips? Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly why mobile workbenches were designed.

If you work enough in your garage or shop, you’ll know that workflow and organization play a critical role in your productivity. A mobile workbench is an excellent tool storage product that all garage owners should consider. We put together a few of our favorites.

Mobile Workbenches

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What is a Mobile Workbench?

A mobile workbench is a workbench on wheels with integrated tool storage. It combines the must-have flat surface area of a traditional workbench with the storage capabilities of a tool cabinet.

Its portable design also provides flexibility in your work area and is something worth considering for every garage or workshop. They can be particularly resourceful in a small garage, where space is a luxury since mobile workbenches can be moved and stored away when not in use.


There are many different models of mobile workbenches on the market. Here are some features that you should consider as you are comparing to determine what model is right for you:

  • Width – Horizontal widths will range anywhere from 20-50 inches across all models
  • Keyed lock for drawers – Available in many units, the ability to lock certain drawers and cabinets is a nice convenience to have, especially if using a shared workspace.
  • Drawer liners – Drawer liners are nice to have, as they provide a tacky-like surface inside the drawers which prevents tools from sliding and clanking around. Many times these are sold separately, so check your model to make sure.
  • Pegboard – Although less common, some mobile workbenches come stock with a pegboard backing, behind the top surface. This provides some additional storage space to hang tools or other items from.
  • Power strip, some with USB – Found in more high-end models, some have integrated power strips with USB ports. A great convenience to have for charging tools and phones.
  • Casters – Not all casters are made the same, and they also don’t always come pre-installed. 2-inch casters are pretty standard, but the quality of your casters is the most important thing to look out for. Also, check your model to be aware if they come pre-assembled or not.
  • Weight support – Mobile workbenches can withstand some serious weight. Most models will range from 1,000 – 3,000 lbs. Look for a “heavy-duty” workbench, which is the strongest, most durable unit and can hold the heaviest load.
  • Workbench top material – Tops are mostly solid wood, although there are some stainless steel ones out there. Some mobile workbenches also have adjustable-height tops, which can give you and additional 10-12 inches or so.


The height and depth of mobile workbenches are common across models. Horizontal width is where you have some options. The number of drawers and storage space (measured in cubic square inches) are other elements that factor into the size of a rolling workbench.

  • Horizontal width will range on different models anywhere from 20 – 50 inches.
  • Standard heights are about 37-38 inches, although some models have adjustable tops that can be raised to give you another 10-12 inches.
  • The standard depth is 24 inches.
  • # of drawers: You can find models that range anywhere from zero to as many as 20 drawers.
  • The amount of storage space is measured in cubic square inches

Heavy-Duty or General-Purpose

The grade of steel (measured by steel gauge) that is used for the construction of mobile workbenches is what determines if it’s heavy-duty or general-purpose.

Heavy-duty is generally made with high gauge steel construction, providing the most durable workbenchAnything 20 gauge and above is considered general purpose, anything 19 gauge and below is considered heavy-duty

Heavy-Duty19 gauge steel or lower
General-Purpose20 gauge steel or higher


Good quality mobile workbenches will range in price, but we’ve found that between $400 – $1,000 is the sweet spot. You can find some really nice ones without breaking the bank. Some top of the line workbenches are as much as $5,000.