Best Bike Hooks for Garage Bike Storage

Bike riding is a wonderful activity, providing health and pleasure benefits, however, finding ample storage space in your garage can be very challenging. One of the easiest ways to overcome this is by investing in bike hooks to neatly and strategically store bikes in your garage.

Bike hooks come in a variety of types, including wall hooks, vertical bike hooks, hanging hooks, and more. We put together a list of our favorite bike hooks, and also break down what you need to understand to find the best bike storage solution for you.

Bike Hooks

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Different Types of Bike Hooks

There are many different types of bike hooks for your garage bike storage system. You can buy hooks that hang from the wall or from the ceiling, and in many different ways. Here are the most common types of bike hooks for your garage:

1. Individual Wall Bike Hooks

One of the most popular ways to store bikes in a garage is by hanging them from a wall. Bike wall hooks are great for this. It’s important to understand the different ways you can hang a bike from a wall.

Some wall hooks are just individual bike hooks that you mount to a wall by anchoring it into a stud. Then there are some that are designed to hang on slatwall panels or other wall organization systems. This is important to understand while searching for the right hook.

You can also mount your bikes horizontally or vertically. Vertical wall hooks work great if you have the room to hang your bike from a garage wall.

bikes hanging vertically from wall hooks

Horizontal hooks (or mounts) are designed to mount to a wall and hold a bike across it’s frame with two hooks on both sides of the bike.

bike hanging from horizontal bike hook

2. Wall Bike Hooks for Slatwall or Other Wall Organization Systems

If you’re planning on integrating with a slatwall panel system, a track system or some other garage wall organization system, you may want to consider bike hooks that are compatible.

The Proslat Slatwall System is a leader in this space, but their accessories are proprietary, so only Proslat bike hooks will work with Proslat Slatwall. There are also universal brands of slatwall and accessories that provide more flexibility with compatibility.

bike hanging from slatwall panel hook

The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System is another great option. You’ll need to buy the rail and bike hooks separately.

3. Bike Hanging Hooks (From Ceiling)

There are two ways you can hang a bike from a ceiling. You can hang them from a traditional hook, which would typically just be screwed into a rafter or ceiling stud. You can also use a lift or pulley system to hoist your bike onto the garage ceiling.

hanging bikes from ceiling hooks

How to Choose the Right Bike Hook

The first, most important step you should take when deciding on a bike hook is to determine where and how you’d like to store it within your garage.

Do you want to hang your bikes from the wall? How about from the ceiling? Do you want a pulley system that lifts and hoists your bike up to your ceiling so it’s up and out of the way?

There are many options to choose from to fit your garage organization system at large.