Best Pegboard Hooks: All You Need To Know

Pegboards have the ability to organize objects that would otherwise pile up in a box, be kept in disarray, or worse, placed in a corner and never be used or seen again.

A great solution for garages, craft rooms, children’s rooms, retail shops, or offices, pegboards organize any space by providing a storage solution where you can have direct access to tools, toys, and a myriad of different items. And what accessories do you need with pegboards? Well, pegboard hooks of course.

There are a gazillion pegboard hooks to choose from, which means if you purchase the wrong one, you’ll have to go back to the store and purchase another one, and another one until you finally find the perfect pegboard hook. But do you really want to go through all that trial and error for a hook? No one does!

In this guide, you will discover the different types of pegboard hooks that are perfect for different kinds of tools and objects.

Pegboard Hooks

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Types of Pegboard Hooks

There are several types of hooks available, each with a specific use. Get familiar with what’s available as you plan your pegboard layout.

1. J-Hook

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The J-Hook is the most common type of pegboard hook and its name speaks for itself. This hook is designed like the letter “J” and is best used for a wide variety of tools, such as small saws, wrenches, painting supplies, hammers, box cutters, and it’s also a favored hook to hang jewelry.

2. L-Hook

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Just like the J-hook, this is designed with the letter “L” shape in mind. Unlike the J-hook which curves up, the L-hook doesn’t curve up but has a straight edge, which is perfect to hang several electrical tapes hanging one after the other, heat guns, handsaws, and any object that you want to hang together. They’re ideal for retail shops as you can get the items with ease.

3. Box-Hook

These box hooks are short and thick, ideal for bigger and bulkier items. Unlike the J and the L-hooks, where you can hang several items together, you can only hang one item on a Box-Hook. They’re great for heavy power tools, large saws, and bulkier items.

What are Pegboard Hooks Made of?

There are generally two kinds of materials that pegboard hooks are made of. Metal and plastic.

Metal is the most common, They are the most durable and generally more expensive than plastic hooks — but not by much.

Plastic hooks, on the other hand, are less expensive, made with smooth curves that don’t damage the pegboard, don’t injure if they don’t have sharp edges, but they’re also less durable.

Metal hooks are practically useful for all kinds of items, but plastic hooks are ideal for light materials and not for bulky or heavy items.

Pegboard Sizes

When you purchase your pegboard hooks, you must consider the pegboard hole size. While most pegboard hooks are made with the standard size to fit any standard pegboard hole, there may be some exceptions.

If you have a pegboard hole that’s 1/4″ and your hook size is 1/8,” then it will have a tendency to fall off, especially when you get your item. If you have a pegboard hole that’s 1/8″ and your hook is at 1/4″ then it won’t fit.

Always make sure your pegboard hole and hook are the same sizes.

Choosing the Best Pegboard Hook For You

So how do you choose the best pegboard hook? Let’s summarize what we’ve discussed:

1. Type of Hook

As we’ve discussed earlier, different types of hook designs meet different needs. Check which design is best for which kind of item.

2. Type of Hook Material

Metal hooks are great for heavier items while plastic hooks are great for lighter items.

3. Pegboard Size

Always make sure your pegboard’s holes match your pegboard hook size.

Most hooks have the capacity to hold items anywhere from 15 to 20lbs. However, if you have items heavier than the maximum standard load, you’d have to choose a pegboard hook designed and made for bulkier and heavier items.

In Summary

There are thousands of different pegboard hooks available in the market, which makes it a tasking job to choose the best one for you. Luckily, this guide will help you narrow down your choices before you even begin your search for the best pegboard hook for your pegboard at home.

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