Best Garden Tool Organizers

You can make gardening more pleasurable than just being a chore. You can only achieve this through easy access to gardening tools. A garden tool organizer stores the garden tools in an organized manner instead of cluttering them in a garage. The organizers will keep the garden gear very organized, neat, and ready for use.

Garden Tool Storage Organizers

Best on Wheels
Mythinglogic Garden Tool Organizer for Garage

Heavy-duty garden tool storage cart on wheels.

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Best Wall Mount
StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack
  • Garage wall mount with heavy-duty steel hooks
  • Holds Garden Tools, Shovels, Rakes, Brooms, Extension Cords, Hoses, Trimmers, and More (Ultimate)
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02/18/2024 12:37 am GMT
Best Tower Rack
Rubbermaid Garage Tool Tower Rack

Organizes up to 40 Long-Handled Tools, Easy to Assemble

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Runner-up Wall Mount
Ultrawall Garage Tool Organizer Wall Mount
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How Do You Store Garden Tools?

A messy garage can cause a lot of accidents. Therefore, you should take advantage of every inch of valuable space in the garage and construct different garden tool organizers—for instance, a wall mount garden organizer, floor racks, garden tool bags, among others. There are many more garden tool organization ideas that you can Do It Yourself (DIY) for amateurs and experienced handy people.

Organizing Rakes & Shovels

Rakes and shovels are among the long-handled gardening instruments that people find impossible to store. To organize your rakes and shovels, you can maximize the walls, ceiling space, corner spaces, or purchase a rack to keep them. It is easy to create a garden tool organizer to store your shovels and rakes horizontally or vertically on a wall storage system, such as using nails and hooks.

Garden Tool Wall Mount Racks, Holders & Hangers

You can install a pallet on the wall to act as a garden tool organizer. Wall mount racks, holders, and hangers can be an ideal home for those long-handled garden tools to offer neat storage space. The best thing about the shelves is that they are well designed to store the tools you prefer. You can position the garden tool organizers at your desired height, depending on the available room space.

Garden Tool Floor Racks

This type of garden tool organizer is an easy one to set up. You need to make sure it has a substantial solid base that will offer stability and not topple over.

Garden Tool Bags

A proper garden tool bag has multi-pocketed carriers and bags used as garden tool organizers. These bags are fitted with roomy interiors that provide you with storage. They are a great asset to your garden. You can pop in some small gardening tools such as gloves, twine, and labels in that garden tool bag.

Choosing The Right Garden Tool Organizer


In case your garage is full of different types of garden tools, you may opt for a customized garden tool organizer. Some designs will arrange them according to your preference, while others will use modular compartments for storage. More so, some will prefer garden tool organizers that are wheeled and fitted with detachable baskets.


If you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to purchase garden tool organizers expensive. Go the cheaper way. You can either do it yourself or buy the more affordable storage systems. Some organizers with customized capabilities will cost you a lot more. Therefore, it is advisable to look for cheaper garden tool organizers designed similar to the expensive ones if you can’t DIY.


Most people will prefer a wheeled garden tool organizer since it is easy and straightforward to manage.