Best Garage Workbenches

It can be exciting to shop for a new garage workbench, especially if it is your first one. There are several things to consider when evaluating and browsing for this staple shop item. We put together some of our favorite workbenches that you will love.

We will also review the different types of garage workbenches, wood workbenches versus metal workbenches, why you need a workbench, the different sizes of workbenches, and how to ultimately choose the right workbench. Therefore, you will have a deeper understanding when you are ready to buy your own workbench, as this article will guide you with helpful information and will answer questions that you may have.

Garage Workbenches


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Different Types of Workbenches

There are several types of workbenches to choose from, such as the following:

  • Garage Workbenches with Storage – You may want to consider a garage workbench with storage, as this type of workbench can allow you to store various tools and items that you can easily access when you are working on a particular project.
  • Garage Workbenches with Drawers – A garage workbench with drawers is highly convenient, as the drawers keep your workbench surface free of clutter and keep various items secure.
  • Garage Workbenches with Lights – Having lights are also beneficial due to the fact that you will have light directed exactly where you need it to be when you are working on projects that may be very detailed with small pieces.
  • Folding Garage Workbenches – A folding garage workbench can be a great option, as it stores away easily when you need your space for something else instead of having a workbench taking up your space.
  • Rolling Garage Workbenches – It is highly practical to use a rolling workbench when you need to access many different items and tools in various areas. A rolling workbench prevents you from having to lift a workbench if you have back troubles.
  • Wall-Mounted Garage Workbenches – A wall-mounted workbench makes sense when floor space seems to be at a premium. As a result, a wall-mounted workbench will free up floor space for storage and other items.
  • Corner Garage Workbenches – You may also want to consider a corner workbench. This can also be a space-saving solution and allow you more surface space overall for your project.

Metal vs. Wood

A metal workbench is a terrific choice, as it is usually easy to clean. Liquids will not penetrate the metal or cause it to warp. A metal workbench is better suited for when you have to do a lot of welding, as it will not catch on fire. When you love carpentry, then you may want a wood workbench if you are attracted to wood. Each type of workbench is highly beneficial and the type that you get will really depend on your preference and what you are using the workbench for.

Why You Need a Workbench

You need a workbench in your garage to have a good surface to support the items that you are working on for your various projects. The workbench provides the balance that you need for your various items when you need your hands for something else, such as working with your tools. Also, your workbench may serve as a storage space as well, as you can store various items on the surface, on the shelves as well as in the drawers if your workbench comes with storage. Having a workbench will make completing your projects much easier.

What Size Garage Workbench Do I Need?

The size of your workbench does indeed matter. You should have a workbench that is large enough for the kind of projects that you intend to do. A workbench should also have extra space around it. In other words, the workbench should be somewhat larger than your project in order to accommodate tools, pieces that you will attach to your project, glue, nails, soldering elements, etc. Also, the workbench should be able to accommodate your height. You do not want a workbench that is too low, as you could get serious back troubles from bending over your workbench for long periods of time.

How to Choose the Right Workbench

When it comes to choosing the right workbench, you need to consider getting one that you like and that will function well for you. You should consider the kind of material that it is made from. For example, you need to decide if you prefer a metal workbench or a wood workbench. Also, if you need extra storage, because storage is limited in your space, you likely want to consider a workbench that will provide you with extra storage. Moreover, you should consider whether you want a stationary or portable workbench. For example, a rolling workbench allows for convenience to move it around. Lastly, consider the size of the workbench to ensure that it will be able to accommodate your various projects well.