Best Tool Carts & Utility Carts

Having a tool cart in your garage or shop can be a very useful utility for increasing your productivity while working on projects. Anyone that has a lot of tools, which is probably you and everyone that’s reading this article, knows what a pain it would be if you had to carry every screwdriver and socket wrench with you to all corners of the garage. The best tool carts have shelves and storage space for tools and other project essentials. We put together a list of our favorite tool carts we have available.

Tool Carts & Rolling Utility Carts

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What Is a Tool Cart?

A tool cart is essentially a rolling toolbox with shelves. They have shelves to hold tools and other essential workshop items such as glue and paper towels, and a flat top surface to place things on. They all have sturdy casters for rolling around, but the best tool carts are heavy-duty, made from steel, and come stock with cabinets, drawers, and other pockets that allow for useful storage of tools and other essentials.

3-Tier Rolling Carts

A 3-tier rolling tool cart has 3 shelves — one at the bottom near the wheels, one in the middle, and one on top. They are open, allowing easy access to the shelves. Some will have tool drawers, but they don’t typically have full-size cabinets. If you constantly need access to shelves and don’t need a cabinet to lock items away, 3-tier tool carts may be right for you.

Steel vs. Plastic Tool Carts

Tool carts and utility carts are generally made from steel or plastic. The plastic tool carts are more affordable and don’t come with as many bells and whistles as a steel tool cart. These are more commonly referred to as utility carts, mainly a rolling cart with shelves.

Steel tool carts are much more durable than plastic utility carts. These heavy-duty carts are most soft after by garage junkies and mechanics that want a cart to hold up from taking a beating. The steel tool carts are the high-end units that will come with drawers, cabinets, and other useful features.

Mechanics Tool Carts

A mechanic’s tool cart is generally a heavy-duty steel cart that has useful storage and easy access to tools. They can support hundreds of pounds of weight, are very durable, and are rust and corrosion-resistant. Mechanic tool carts provide easy access to tools while working on projects.

What Is The Best Tool Cart?

The best tool carts are made from heavy-duty steel, have plenty of drawers to organize tools, and provide easy access for a more efficient workflow. Some of the more expensive tool carts come with lockable cabinets and adjustable shelves. More affordable utility carts are generally made from plastic and don’t have as many features. They are generally just a rolling cart with some shelves. The best tool cart is the one that suits your needs the best.

In Summary

Tool carts are very useful to someone who needs access to their tools around the garage or shop. You may want to invest a few hundred dollars in a premium, heavy-duty steel tool cart with plenty of storage and high-quality casters that will hold up to wear and tear. Or you may just need a basic, plastic utility cart that has a few shelves. Either way, tool carts are best for those that a side-kick utility that’s mobile and provides easy access to tools and other shop essentials.