Best Metal Pegboards & Steel Pegboards

Storage for those awkward little items that you need easy access to is not always an intuitive thing to get your head around. Fortunately, metal pegboards offer a great option. This versatile storage solution is perhaps one of the best ways to keep smaller items stored neatly and efficiently while keeping them well within reach.

Metal pegboards come in the form of panels that are perforated with hundreds–often thousands–of holes. Items can be attached to the pegboard by slotting the “pegs” of the item into these holes. In this manner, you can store a wide variety of things in any configuration you desire. And, due to the flexible nature of this system, you can also attach additional storage solutions to the steel pegboard, such as containers, and shelves.

Metal Pegboards & Steel Pegboards

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Metal or Plastic: Which is Right For Me?

There are two main materials used for making pegboards; metal and plastic. Metal is a stronger material than plastic, so while it is possible to get a plastic pegboard that is as strong as a metal alternative, that plastic pegboard will be bulkier, as it will need additional material to achieve the same strength.

As a general rule, metal is the better option due to its higher durability and smaller size. Most metal pegboards are also made of ferrous metals-meaning they are attracted to magnetic fields-which adds an additional layer of functionality, as there are many magnetic trays and other storage options available for small tools and fastenings.

Choosing The Right Metal Pegboard

The main factor in choosing the right metal or steel pegboard is the amount of strength you will need. While it is generally true that metal is stronger than the alternatives (mainly plastic and wood), you can still get pegboards that are very thin and will bend under too much weight. If you are storing anything substantial, get a heavy-duty steel pegboard. After that, it’s just a matter of how much space you need.

Can You Cut Metal Pegboard?

You can cut a pegboard, of course, though you would need the appropriate tools. The sticking point is that most pegboards are folded at the edges to give the overall structure some additional rigidity. Cutting away these folds would weaken the board, so you may want to consider adding your own folds around the edges you cut, or fasting the board in place extra securely.

Metal Pegboard System

Pegboard systems typically come with multiple panels to provide an additional storage area, and may also come with accessories, such as storage bins, hooks, and other items to peg onto the board for keeping your things in order.


When it comes to the color of your pegboard, there will invariably be plenty of options, we would recommend not worrying too much about this aspect. After all, you can always paint your pegboard if you decide you don’t like the color.


As useful a concept as a pegboard is, it is the accessories that truly make it invaluable. From storage bins to hooks, to baskets, shelves, and brackets. There are is a vast array of options for what you can put on your pegboard, including dedicated storage solutions like a spanner rack or socket set.