Best Garage Sports Storage and Sports Organizers

Few places in a home are as suitable for storing sports equipment as the garage. It’s a cool, dry place that you can access easily, but that you don’t mind getting a little dirty from time to time — the entrance hall isn’t exactly an ideal location to store a dripping wet surfboard. Sure, you could put your sports gear in the attic, but we all know it’s not going to get used again once it goes up there.

Still, as good as the garage is for this purpose, there is the matter of organization. You don’t want sports gear just lying around all over the place. But with the vast array of shapes and sizes that sports gear can come in, most conventional garage storage systems aren’t really suitable.

Enter garage sports organizers and storage solutions!

Garage Sports Storage and Sports Organizers

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Choosing the Right Garage Sports Organizers

There is no special trick to choosing the right sports storage solution for your garage. Most sports organizers are specifically designed for a sport — or range of sports — and if you don’t participate in one of those sports, you’re probably not going to need a storage system designed for it.

It is also worth putting a little thought into whether you need a specialized sports organizer for your gear. For example, balls (football, soccer, baseball, etc.) tend to be difficult to keep tidy, so would benefit from storage designed for balls. Bike racks are also great for storing in a garage. A tennis racket, on the other hand, doesn’t need much more than a simple peg to hang from.

Garage Ski Racks

For those of you who like to hit the slopes from time to time, garage ski racks are the perfect solution to storing your gear. They keep your skis off of the floor, both out of the way and safe from harm, and they take up relatively little space. That’s one of the advantages of storing long, flat things.

Garage Ball Storage

As we mentioned above, balls are a little awkward to store and organize. They don’t sit still, which rules out just about any conventional storage method since they will roll away at the slightest disturbance. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to this problem, from wall-mounted baskets, to floor-based hampers, and more.

Golf Club and Golf Bag Garage Storage

When it comes to storing your golf equipment, you’re a little spoiled for choice. From simple golf bag mounts that hang from the wall to complete golf gear storing stations that will keep multiple golf club sets and all your other equipment, like balls, tees, and shoes, neatly stored in one place, you won’t have any trouble finding one to suit you.

How Do You Store Sports Equipment in a Garage?

The beauty of using your own garage for storing and organizing your sports equipment is that there are no rules to how you go about it. Of course, you will want to keep things organized for your own sanity (and, in some cases, safety), but, ultimately, whatever works for you is best. We would recommend making liberal use of your garage walls, however, as this will keep your sports equipment well out of the way, and your floor space free.