Best Kayak Hoists, Lifts, and Pulley Systems for Garages

Do you have a kayak that needs space inside for storage? Do you have extra space on the ceiling of your garage? Sounds like a simple solution to a real problem, doesn’t it? There are hoists and lifts to store your kayak out of the way yet undercover. We put together a list of our favorite kayak hoist and lifts that we know you’ll love.

Kayak Hoists, Lifts & Pulley Systems

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How Do I Store a Kayak in my Garage?

The garage is an ideal spot for the storage of kayaks because it makes use of vacant indoor space. The most obvious space is over a car. Today’s cars are quite low; this offers ideal unused space. You may also have unused space against the wall.

In thinking of where to store your kayak you need to keep in mind the following items.

  • A kayak needs to be kept out of the sun; over time, the sun can damage the skin of the kayak.
  • You need to think of possible theft. A garage is ideal because the contents are out of sight, and most garages have locks that are actually used.
  • Storage of your kayak needs to consider how often you use the kayak. If you use it several times a year, overhead storage in your garage would make sense. If you use your kayak nearly daily, it would probably make sense to have the kayak easier to get to; maybe rack storage against your garage wall would be better.

How Do Kayak Pulley Systems Work?

With kayak pulley systems, you install 2 steel carrier components against the ceiling in your garage, using stout screws to attach the carriers to ceiling joists which span your garage. These steel carriers hold the upper pulleys that carry the rope that supports your kayak. There will be two or four pulleys per hoist (or per kayak), with the rope or cord going between the pulleys to lift the kayak and support it in its resting place. Nylon straps are typically used to hold the kayak and are connected to the pulleys by steel hooks.

Different Types of Kayak Hoists

Four pulley attachments are needed when you want the additional mechanical advantage to lift your kayak. Two pulley attachments are used when your kayak is fairly light (say 35 pounds) and you don’t need much mechanical advantage in lifting the kayak. Hoists also vary in their ability to support different weights. Some advertise that they can lift and hold 125 pounds.

Why You Need a Kayak Hoist for your Garage

A garage-based hoist is the best solution for the storage of most kayaks. This is because most kayaks don’t get used so much that it is an inconvenience to store the kayak above a vehicle. This is making use of otherwise unused space and keeps your kayak out of the sun and out of sight of would-be thieves. All you have to do is move one vehicle to get at your kayak. You will feel good about storing your kayak in the garage, where there will be little dust accumulation, and probably not a spider problem. It is an ideal solution to storing your precious kayak.