Best Garage Overhead Storage

If you are looking to add an insane amount of storage space to your garage, you need to install an overhead storage space for your garage. Garage overhead storage is easy to install, cheap and provides you with a vast amount of space. We put together a list of all the different types of overhead storage solutions for your garage.

Browse Types of Garage Overhead Storage:


Garage Overhead Storage Racks

Garage overhead storage racks, otherwise referred to as ceiling mounted storage racks, can be used to store seasonal items, items that may be hazardous when left on the floor, or items that may be harmful to children. These overhead storage racks are very durable and can handle huge loads.

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Garage Overhead Storage Lifts

Garage overhead storage lifts are very sturdy and some have a unique, motorized lift system that lets you lower the storage space and lift it after loading your items. It is a great storage system since it makes the storage process more comfortable and more practical. It’s excellent for large, bulky storage items that are hard to lift up manually.

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Garage Pulley Systems

A garage overhead storage pulley system is similar to the garage overhead storage lifts, with the significant difference being that it uses a pulley system to lift the storage items. Garage overhead storage pulley systems are quite useful too and can help you load and safely store your bulky items conveniently.


Garage Bike Ceiling Hooks

One of the most useful methods of storing bikes in a garage is by leveraging garage bike ceiling hooks. This can be much easier to use than a pulley or lift system, so long as you can lift the bike up to where the ceiling hooks are.


Benefit of Garage Overhead Storage

There are several benefits of using garage overhead storage.

  • Space – These types of storage systems take advantage of the air space that is typically neglected and can free up a lot of space that was much needed. You could use this space for other projects, such as making a pet area or using the space for your garage projects.
  • Safety – Using garage overhead storage promotes safety by keeping dangerous items out of children’s reach, decluttering your garage, and minimizing the risk of getting hurt by hazardous equipment.
  • Organized – Garage overhead storage allows you to systematically organize your garage. This comes in handy especially when you need to find items such as tools that may have been hard to find under normal conditions.

Choosing the Right Garage Overhead Storage Type For You

It’s important to consider a few factors when searching for the right garage overhead storage rack for you. Ceiling-mounted storage racks come in different sizes, colors, and have different weight capacities.

  • Size – when choosing a garage overhead storage solution, you should first consider what you want to store. It would help if you considered the items’ dimensions and their combined weight. This assessment will help you determine the size and type of overhead garage store that’ll be good for you.
  • Colors – The most common overhead garage storage racks come in either white, black, or granite-gray. Color is certainly a personal preference depending on your taste. There is no structural or quality difference in color, so choose one that you like.
  • Placement – if you have other items in your garage, then you should consider your overall plan for placement. Plan out for the side-doors, the main garage door, water units, if any, and the attic entrance. After considering all this, you could then choose a garage overhead storage solution that suits your needs.
  • Weight Capacity – Overhead storage racks come with different weight capacities. Smaller, more affordable units typically hold 200-300 lbs., while larger and more durable storage racks can hold up to 600 lbs. It’s important to choose an overhead storage rack that will hold the weight you need, so be careful as you are choosing which model to go with.
  • Height Adjustable – The better storage racks are also adjustable in height, allowing flexibility in how much room you need for overhead storage.

How to Secure To The Ceiling

Assess your ceiling and find out if your garage overhead storage can secure to the top safely. Choose a garage overhead storage system that can be securely attached to the ceiling without the possibility of stripping the wood.

  • Material – you could use different materials for your garage overhead storage, such as wood or plastic. However, it would be safer if you choose overhead storage units that are made of steel because of their durability and the added level of safety.
  • Safety lip – To ensure that your items remain safe after loading them to the overhead storage space, you should ensure that your garage overhead storage has a lip that can catch your items from falling from either the front or back.


More affordable, smaller storage racks can be found for under $100, while some larger and/or adjustable are in the $100-$200 range.

DIY garage overhead storages are easier and cheaper to make. However, it does depend on the material and tools you have. If you have all the tools, then perhaps a DIY solution is right for you. All you need to do is buy the right material, and you are good to go. However, many homeowners would rather not fuss with building their own storage system, and there are plenty of affordable garage overhead storage units to choose from.

Is Overhead Garage Storage Safe?

Installing a garage overhead storage system and then stacking it with some heavy items can cause a panic for most people. However, overhead garage storage units are safe, as long as you are anchoring the storage racks into studs or rafters and you are aware of the weight capacity of your unit.

If you don’t feel comfortable anchoring the storage racks properly, there are professional services you can hire to do this correctly. As long as the racks are mounted securely, overhead storage racks are very safe. If it’s possible that the storage was installed unprofessionally — such as after moving into a new house — you want to double-check to be sure everything was done correctly.

Be careful when installing yourself. If you are concerned, there are professional installation services available.

How Much Weight Can I Hang From My Garage Ceiling?

The typical residential home’s truss load is 10-12 lbs. per square foot. If your garage is drywalled, then you should consider the weight of the drywall in your calculations. However, if your ceiling is much older and doesn’t have the truss set up, then you should consider 5-8 lbs. per square ft.

How Do You Hang Something Heavy On The Garage Ceiling?

Very carefully! If your home has a truss set up, you should locate the truss beams, make your measurements and screw them, ensuring that they align with the overhead garage support pieces. You could also drill holes and bolt the garage overhead storage system to the truss with grade 8 bolts, and use washers so that it stays secured to the ceiling. Rest assured, the unit that you purchase will have instructions

In Summary

If you want clearer and more organized floors, plus a ton of space to do almost anything you want, then you need to install a garage overhead storage area to tuck away all those items till you need them. A whole new look for your garage is waiting for you. You could start today!