Is it Worth Building a Three-Car Garage? Our Expert Opinion

3 car garage

A garage is a must-have home amenity for today’s homeowners. Everyone needs somewhere to park after all, whether that involves their cars, extra clutter, or seasonal bits and bobs. A garage can be a very valuable part of the home. But if you’re building a garage on your property, you might be asking yourself, how … Read more

How Much Lighting Do I Need in My Garage?

garage lights

Most garages in today’s world are being used for more than just storing family vehicles, and lighting is often overlooked. Garages are used as shops, storage, recreation, and workspaces, and it’s important to have proper lighting. Having the proper lighting is not only the right thing to do from a safety perspective, but it also … Read more

Can I Put a Freezer or Refrigerator in the Garage?


Your decision of putting a refrigerator in the garage should depend a lot on your local weather and on what type of fridge or freezer you have. So, before putting it outside analyze these next factors.  In short, yes, you can put a freezer and/or refrigerator in the garage. The fridge/freezer combination units are the … Read more