Are Garage Tiles Waterproof?

Interlocking rubber tile flooring

Many people have concrete slabs as the floor in their garage, and they rarely do anything to cover up the concrete slab. It’s a garage after all; why would you want to put nice flooring down on something that’s going to get dirty? One option for people who disagree, however, is garage tiles. But are … Read more

How to Convert Your Garage into a Greenhouse in 4 Steps

arched small greenhouse on a private backyard

Everyone loves a good DIY project now and then, and this one is for the ambitious and especially creative. Creating a greenhouse out of your garage can be very beneficial to the planet as well as your lifestyle. The steps to getting fresh produce right outside your door involve some elbow grease, but beneficial in … Read more

Drywall vs. OSB: Which Is Better for Your Garage Walls?

A stack of OSB sheets stacked one on another

Typically, garage interiors aren’t something you’d hire an interior designer for. There are only so many things a garage needs to be, and attractive living space is not one of them. Many times, the wall studs are left completely uncovered. There are reasons. However, you’d want to sheath the interior walls of your garage with … Read more

Do Garage Outlets Need to Be GFCI?

Plugging a power cord into an outlet

Ground faults are a safety hazard in the garage setting, and to prevent serious injury, a device capable of managing the currents in outlets is necessary. Enter: ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).  Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are designed to monitor incoming and outgoing currents in a wall outlet. They ensure that the current being … Read more

Can you drill into garage walls? (Hint: It depends)

Man drilling into a wall

As a homeowner, there’s always another home improvement project on your to-do list. At some point, you’ll likely look into installing storage in your garage, whether it’s in the form of shelving for power tools, hooks to hang shovels, or hang cables and wiring. Putting each of those up, though, takes some planning and drilling.  … Read more

10 Brilliant Ways to Disguise a Garage Wall

Close-up of muralist painting

Whether you use your garage to park your vehicle or have recently converted it into an additional bedroom or storage space, the blank, brick or cement-like walls you end up seeing every day can quickly turn into an eyesore. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to disguise your garage walls inside and out, giving them … Read more

Can You Leave Insulation Exposed In The Garage?

wall of pink insulation

Whether you are buying a new house, or exploring the deeper regions of your garage, you’ll likely find some strange, fluffy pink stuff on the walls. Though this insulation is usually covered with walls, many times it’s not; and people rightfully ask if it’s safe or not for this insulation to be exposed in garages. … Read more

How to Insulate a Garage Ceiling That’s Already Drywalled

Panorama frame Interior of an empty garage with two large doors and small rectangular windows

You may think that you need to remove your existing drywall to insulate your garage’s ceiling. That isn’t the case! There are a few options available for insulating a ceiling that’s already finished. Whichever option you choose, there are multiple ways to move forward with insulating your garage ceiling! To insulate your garage ceiling when … Read more

Are Windows in Garage Doors Safe? What You Must Know

3 car garage

Whether you’re investing in a new garage door or adding a garage to your house, adding windows to your door is an important decision. There are many considerations when deciding whether to add windows to your garage doors, particularly safety. Windows in garage doors are generally safe, depending on your neighborhood. There are also customizable … Read more

Can You Store Cleaning Supplies In The Garage?

Variety cleaning supplies on wooden table, top view

When you are maintaining a clean home, it is essential to have space in your house to store your cleaning supplies.  Cleaning supplies are filled with chemicals that are toxic to your health.  You need to keep them in a safe location that does not threaten your overall health.   You cannot store your cleaning supplies … Read more